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Forged Products

Artistic forging – is a kind of art which deserves special attention. Many of us see the artisan in blacksmith, but each of the blacksmith at the Forge Lviv is a true artist, although instead of brushes and paints he uses a hammer and steel, instead of the palette an anvil.
Metal Art is harder than jewelry craftsmanship. Smith does not work with precious stones, and architectural ensembles, which he is bounding in the metal frame, highlighting the beauty and splendor of the building.
By adding forged products to the interior, the wizard creates a whole new style, weaving metallic notes into the image of the house.

Our forged products have artistic value for their owners. Only in most cases, our work involves not only to decorate the house, but also increase his comfort and safety.

We offer to buy forged products in Lviv with delivery across Ukraine. The price of forged products from the Forge Lviv will please every customer, because the cost of the payment always takes place in the form of negotiations and we always can find a compromise that will exceed your expectations.
In order to ensure high professionalism of the masters of the Forge Lviv, browse our photo catalog of forged products.